Cross-Browser Compatiblity

Is Your Site Cross-Browser Compatible? — Cross-browser compatible

           Compatible with all major browsers available:

I) Internet Explorer
II) Netscape
III) Opera
IV) Firefox
           Text based browsers for Lynx operating system or the visually impaired. How does your site look in any of the browsers listed above? Not everyone is using Internet Explorer to surf the Internet these days.

How do I Make My Site Cross-Browser Compatible?

To create a cross-browser compatible web site:

1. Use only standard compliant code
2. Don’t use browser specific (proprietory) HTML tags and features. These only work in the browser they were created for and may even break your page when viewed in another browser.
3. Validate your pages : Validate your HTML/XHTML coding using the W3C free validation service
4. Validate your cascading style sheets using the W3C free validation service.

           Some have the “You can’t please everyone” attitude. Yes, your site will look different in each browser because each one interprets the coding differently. The goal with cross-browser compatibility is to make your site viewable in the major browsers available and have the pages render correctly. One thing that will drive visitors away is a site that doesn’t work in their chosen browser.

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