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Grow Your Business Limitless with MilesWeb Unlimited Web Hosting

It’s just common today to start your online business or take your physical business online. This indicates that the businessmen have really understood the importance of being on the internet. It not only allows you to stay in front of...
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Steps to set up an e-Commerce website on WordPress

Steps to Set Up an e-Commerce Store on WordPress WordPress is assumed as a full-fledged content management system. This CMS is being used to create e-Commerce stores for start-up and small businesses with a restricted budget. Online stores based on...
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Severe Vulnerability Exposes WordPress Websites To Attack

A serious WordPress helplessness which has been left a year without being fixed can possibly upset innumerable sites running the CMS, analysts guarantee. At the BSides specialized cybersecurity gathering in Manchester on Thursday, Secarma scientist Sam Thomas said the bug...
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What The gTLDs Mean

If you would ask a random person on their favorite website, odds are the overwhelming majority would say something that ends in .com.,,…you get the idea. For what feels like forever, .com has been the standard for...
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Clean logs files database Magento

Clean logs files database Magento How to clean logs files database magento? Magento is an e-commerce platform which is most secure e-commerce open-source platform. So it has lot of security implementation into files or database as well. That’s why it...
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