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How to ensure your WordPress site’s security?

What is Security? Fundamentally, security is not about perfectly secure systems. Such a thing might well be impractical, or impossible to find and/or maintain. A secure server protects the privacy, integrity, and availability of the resources under the server administrator’s control. Your website can never be 100% secure. Hackers are always trying new things and discovering new vulnerabilities to exploit. The online world changes quickly and the same is true of security. Good security is about minimizing risk. If anybody…

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How to connect Windows XP VPN Into Remote Location

Having a Secured VPN (Virtual Private Networking) server is great, especially for businesses with many offices or if you own two homes or you can take help for developer from remote site. How can you connect to these VPNs free? Well I will tell you about my experience about this that how you can with Windows XP Networking connect to any VPN site for free and with ease. Connecting to a VPN Remotely : Making the Connection Making the connection…

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How to enable .htacces in localhost?

Enable htacces localhost – How to Enable htaccess in xampp (localhost)? Just go the Terminal and follow the following steps I enabled mod re-write by typing below command and restart the apache server. sudo a2enmod rewrite Now restart your apache2 by typing below command. sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart How to enable .htaccess in windows Using a text editor, open the httpd.conf file. In XAMPP, this file is found in the apacheconf directory Locate the following line of code: #LoadModule rewrite_module modules/…

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