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Cookies method is very similar to Session method: the basic difference is that with Cookies method the information is save in the clients computer and not in the server, so it is more suitable for sites with a lot of visitors. This method implies sending information to the client and requesting it whenever the information is needed. Additionally, we will learn how to delete the information save in the clients computer when it is not necessary anymore.When the visitor gets to our asp file we may save information related with him in his computer. The order will be like this one:

<% response.Cookies (“whatever”)=”information” %>

When this line is executed, the visitor will have the information in his computer, and whenever we need that information, we may request it using this code:

<% =request.Cookies (“whatever”) %>
<% variable1=request.Cookies (“whatever”) %>

Let’s try an example using Cookies method: let’s consider we have visitors checking our site several times and we want to let them know how many times they have accessed to our computer.

<% If Request.Cookies (“NumberVisits”)=”” Then %>
<% Response.Cookies (“NumberVisits”)=1 %>
This is your first visit to this page. Welcome.
<% Else %>
<% VarNumberVisits=Request.Cookies (“NumberVisits”)
Response.Cookies(“NumberVisits”)=VarNumberVisits %> Welcome back to this page. You have visited this page <% =VarNumberVisits %> times.
<BR>Check my great links
<BR>…..<% End If %>

Cookies method may be used to show visitors specific information we have requested throw a form, as for example a list of links related to a specific theme, information to allow access to the content of a page or to personalize the page (background color, frames or not frames…), information to fill a form automatically, etc.

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