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Default page name for technology used in Internet

Following are the detault pages for website of technology based : 1) HTML Based default pages : a) index.htm b) index.html c) default.htm 2) PHP Based default pages : a) index.php 3) SHTML Based default pages : a) index.shtml 4) Classic ASP Based default pages : a) index.asp b) default.asp 5) .Net(Framework) Based default pages : a) index.aspx b) default.aspx 6) Coldfusion Based default pages : a) index.cfm 7) CGI/Perl Based default pages : a) b) Shashi Dhar…

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Install Apache Web Server on Ubuntu 9.10

This step-by-step howto shows a basic setup for Apache 2 web server. Apache is installed on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Dapper, but instructions will probably work on any Ubuntu. This document is a work in progress, initially only required commands are listed without trough-out explanations. Install Apache $ sudo apt-get install apache2 Test it Surf to your own server on your own local computer: $ firefox “http://localhost” Shashi Dhar KumarShashi Dhar Kumar Experience in Web/software development including client server and implementation…

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