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How to reset Auto-increament in MySQL?

It is possible to reset the auto increment value of a MySQL auto incremental primary key to a new value, either higher or lower than what it would otherwise next be. This post looks at how to do this using a MySQL query and also with phpMyAdmin. The following example changes the auto increment value for the table named “mytable” to 1. This means that the next time you insert a record into this table the value of the auto…

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How to create new user in PhpMyAdmin at localhost

How to create new user in PhpMyAdmin at localhost? Go to phpmyadmin at your localhost if you are using xampp server than go with http://localhost/phpmyadmin or if you are using easyphp than go with Now you can see different links related to phpmyadmin like database, sql, status, variables etc. Click on Privileges and now you will see different user is availble in your phpmyadmin. Look at the below of your list of users there is a link i.e. Add…

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