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Increase your website speed through .htaccess in LAMP Technology

How to increase my website speed through .htaccess in LAMP Technology Many LAMP(Linux Apache MySQL PHP) driven websites today could easily decrease their bandwidth output and increase their speed through implementing caching and compressing their content. Even with the new high speed connections of today it is still highly important to improve websites efficiency and performance to increase the users experiences. This article goes over will decrease your bandwidth output. Lets get to increasing the performance efficiency of your website…

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Recursive Permission Changes

To change the permissions of multiple files and directories with one command. Please note the warning in the chmod with sudo section and the Warning with Recursive chmod section. Recursive chmod with -R and sudo To change all the permissions of each file and folder under a specified directory at once, use sudo chmod with -R user@host:/home/user$ sudo chmod 777 -R /path/to/someDirectory Shashi Dhar KumarShashi Dhar Kumar Experience in Web/software development including client server and implementation using PHP, XML, MySQL…

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PHPMyAdmin: Wrong permission on config file (Ubuntu)

When I was trying to access my phpmyadmin in Ubuntu OS,I have encountered a problem: Wrong permissions on configuration file, should not be world writable! I was  thinking of some access control error.  I have searched the web and found article containing this error. There are lot of link available there but after get lot of R&D on commands available on Ubuntu, I thaught problem with the access permission with the file is available in phpmyadmin to set the…

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