MilesWeb VPS Hosting Is It the Right VPS Hosting for Your Growing Website

In web hosting, VPS hosting is the natural progression from a basic shared hosting option. Though when you might have launched your website at first, your website requirements have been fulfilled with the allotted resources only. The reason was due to low traffic.

But as your website started getting more traffic, you might have fallen short of resources. Due to this, you might have thought of upgrading your plan. This is the right time to get introduced to managed VPS hosting UK or Virtual Private Servers.

Working of VPS Hosting

Do you know what a server is? Basically, it is a computer on which the files and databases needed for your website are stored by your web host. So, when an online visitor accesses your website, his browser sends a request to your server and the necessary files are transferred by your server via the internet to his browser. With VPS hosting, you get a virtual server that imitates a physical server but actually the machine is shared among many users.

With the use of virtualization technology, a virtual layer is installed by your web host on the top of the operating system (OS) of the server. This layer cuts the server into partitions and enables each user to install their own OS and software.

So, a virtual private server (VPS) is both virtual and private since you get complete control. Your server is separated from other server users on the OS level. In fact, the technology used in VPS is same as creating partitions on your own computer for running more than one OSs (e.g. Windows and Linux) without a reboot.

When you run a VPS, you are allowed to set up your website within a secure container with guaranteed resources (memory, disk space, CPU cores, etc.). You don’t need to share these resources with other users. In VPS hosting, you get the same root-level access in case you rented a dedicated server, but at a much lower cost.

Let’s now check what MilesWeb offers with their VPS hosting.

About MilesWeb

MilesWeb is one of the largest independent web hosting companies globally. They’ve been around since 2012, and have developed a brand around being the “geek’s choice” that businesses also love.

MilesWeb stands as one of the few large, stable hosting companies that isn’t owned by Endurance International – a holding corporation for many popular hosting brands (including a few like HostGator, Bluehost, and iPage) that has the span, resources, and expertise to serve websites for businesses, organizations, and long-term projects.

Today, MilesWeb has exceeded a user base of over 15500 and they have also partnered with big brands such as AWS, DigitalOcean, Microsoft, cPanel, Plesk, Let’s Encrypt, etc.

Linux VPS Hosting Plans

Windows VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting Features

Uptime of 99.95%

It is very important to check the uptime of a web host you select. MilesWeb performs pretty well in this area. They offer 99.95% uptime guarantee with their Tier-3 and Tier-4 datacenters.

Fast Load Time

Fast pages loading time offer the best website user experience.

You might have waited long for a website to get loaded? 

Of course, many of us have.

But many of you probably didn’t stick around for long. If a website takes over three seconds to load, 40% of people abandon it as per some experts.

MilesWeb offers server locations in Bangalore, New York, San Francisco, London, Singapore, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Toronto.

Customer Support

MilesWeb is popular for its customer support in web hosting.

Their customer support team offers instant support to their customers. They are technically expert and help to resolve all the web hosting issues within minutes. 

They are available 24/7/365 via live chat and email.

Free Migration

Are you dissatisfied with your current hosting service? Or aren’t you getting instant reply from their customer support team? Then surely, it’s time to migrate to some other provider.

You can any time migrate to MilesWeb for free. You have to inform them your timing for migration and they will migrate your website instantly on their server without any data loss.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud offers flexibility and scalability of resources. Therefore, MilesWeb Linux VPS hosting is powered by DigitalOcean cloud and windows VPS hosting UK is powered by AWS cloud that offers all the cloud features for your VPS.

Free VPS Management

Your VPS server is optimized and managed by their team for free.

SSH and Root Access

You get complete control over your VPS environment with the SSH and root access offered with MilesWeb VPS.

Resource Monitoring Dashboard

The simple and user-friendly dashboard helps to reboot your VPS, check server load, monitor memory usage and manage other configurations of your server.

Host Multiple Sites

You can host as many sites as you want under the same VPS account.

No Setup Fee

You don’t need to pay any extra fee for setting up your VPS account.

Robust Infrastructure

Their VPS hosting infrastructure is based in with leading players like Supermicro, Cisco, HP and Dell that offer the best uptime and stability. 


This is what MilesWeb VPS hosting offers. They are solid and popular web hosting company. They are the best fit for those who are planning shift to VPS hosting from shared hosting.  

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